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FAQ is a set of most commonly arising questions.

safe Are uploaded pictures safe?

Yes. Images are automatically removed from the website within 24-32 hours. However, there is a possibility of extending this picture validity or instantly deleting a given image. In order to do so, you should go to your uploaded photos and select the relevant option.

no charge Do you charge for services offered on the website?

No. Using Reresize editor is absolutely free.

Picture uploaded How can I make sure that my picture is really being uploaded?

After choosing the image for resizing or other operation and clicking "Upload" button, an information similar to the following should be displayed in the place of the former panel: Progress bar The progress indicator should begin to fill with orange color.
Please note: Incidents of successful picture uploading despite no actual filling of the progress indicator have been reported. Please wait up to 2 min for the effect.

How save picture How to save the edited picture on your HDD?

It's best to use one of the following methods:

  • After editing the picture click Save the picture button
  • Right click on your full-size picture and select "Save as"

In both cases you will be asked to choose the destination folder to save the image.

Why shrink? Why shrink images for a website if you may change width and height in the code?

Firstly: The quality of pictures resized by a web browser in real-time is far lower, since the browse shrize it rapidly.

Secondly: For instance, if there were 100 pictures on the gallery subpage, each one of high quality 0.5 MB, then in order to display the website with all miniatures (e.g., width=200px) the visitor's browser would have to download 50MB of data, which takes (in case of Internet speed at 4 Mb/s) 1 min 40 s.
By compressing an image to 10 KB (0.01MB) the web browser of the visitor has to download 1 MB (2 seconds).