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A short tutorial on how to use Reresize may be found below. It includes: selecting the picture from your computer, cropping, resizing the picture for Facebook, vertical flipping and watermarking, saving the processed image to the local drive.

  • A 9 step Reresize guide

    • Click Start editing on the website menu to choose a picture for further processing;
    • Select a picture from your computer or provide its address (URL);
    • Click
      Upload img button afterwards;
    • Wait for the picture to be uploaded to Reresize.
      You will be informed on the estimated waiting time.
      (How can I make sure that my picture is really being uploaded?);
    • Select operations you are interested in
      (e.g., cropping, resizing, watermark, rotation, effect);
    • Click "process" button (at the bottom of the page);
    • After a moment you will see the original (old) picture and the new processed picture, which you may save by clicking Zapisz zdjęcie button;
    • Choose the destination folder to save the picture on your computer. Having selected a catalog (folder) click "Save" button;
    • Done! The picture has been saved in the selected place.

You may also re-edit your image (both the original and the processed) by clicking Edit new img button

If you want more about the additional options follow here.