•Tags: functions, resizing

  • cropping Cropping (framing)

    Screen from framingThis function improves the image composition (e.g., eliminates from the overall picture elements that are unwanted or which distract the focus on the main subject). A portion of the picture is selected for cropping with use of a simple panel available after clicking "crop" button. Possible options:

    • crop by selecting one of popular photo printing formats;
    • crop according to the selected size;
    • crop according to given points;
  • Resizing Resizing

    Owing to this function you may change the size (in KB) of your image without any loss of resolution (in px). The picture quality after size reduction is similar to that of the original size image, though jaggedness may be noticed after enlarging the image.

    The decrease of image quality (in KB) depends on "Picture quality" option, whereas lower resolution is based upon "Resize" option. Available resizing:

    • According to the specified width/height (unspecified value is automatically estimated with preservation of aspect ratio and without any image deformation);
    • According to specified width and height (possible image deformation due to entered invalid aspect ratio);
    • Automatic reduction of picture quality and resolution for social platforms such as Facebook;
    • In percentages (by choosing, e.g., "50%" the image will be decreased by half);

    The following scale is adopted in selecting the picture quality: 1% - the lowest quality, 100% - the best quality;

  • watermark Watermark

    This function enables to place a digital watermark - that is an irremovable text - to a selected image to provide information regarding, e.g., its creator (an eBay nickname, a website address). It is most commonly used for protecting a copyright image from unauthorized copying for websites. A watermark may be removed only in a graphics editor by fuzzing watermark elements selectively, therefore it depends on a graphic designer's skills. Available options:

    • Personal text with line breaking (by pressing the enter key);
    • Font customization: size, color, transparency, style;
    • Margins (improves text aesthetics);
    • 9 picture alignment options (matrix (top, middle, bottom) x (left, middle, right));
  • Efekty Additional effects

    efectsA set of additional functions for adding to a graphic effects such as:

    • Grayscale (2)
    • Sepia (3);
    • Negative (4);
    • Emboss (1);